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How To Get Your Sexy Back Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this series (check it out here), I spoke about the mindset that has gotten me and a few friends in the best shape of our lives. In this section I'm going to give you my top diet suggestions for a better look and life as well as the resources you need to do your own research.

Get Rid of Sugar

First, you have to get rid of too much sugar in your diet. This means sugar in all forms!

All Corn Is Bad

Corn is loaded with sugar! Whether in corn syrup, corn bread, or on the cob, no corn is good for you. While it may technically be a vegetable, it does you far more harm than good. Anything that has corn in the name needs to be avoided.

Fruit is Crap Too

Well, most of it anyway. If you are trying to cut fat, you need to avoid anything that has sugar for best results. Think of fruit as colored sacks of sugar water. The fructose in fruit is another form of sugar and is going to affect your blood sugar levels. Acceptable fruits are coconut, avocado, lime and lemon.

Say Goodbye to Dairy Products

Ever feel like you are addicted to cheese? Odds are it's because you are! A study determined that eating cheese sets off the same chemicals that drug addicts experience when shooting up and also triggers the same cravings (see article here). Substitute cheese for satiating avocado or guacamole (use cucumber slices instead of chips). You'll stop missing cheese in no time.

Cut milk. Get the K2 and Calcium you need from supplements and from grass-fed butter… The only acceptable dairy product.

One exception to the no- airy rule is grass-fed butter. This is butter that is processed from grass-fed cows. The butter in grass-fed cows increases the presence of butyrate in your gut. Butyrate is a bacteria that helps keep you lean. I have butter with my bulletproof coffee every morning and sometimes with cooked vegetables or white rice (a food I have after lifting).

Grains Are Out Too

Start by knocking out all grains. This will seem crazy at first! Add more fat into your diet, like avocado, grass-fed butter, and olive oil for salads and you will be amazed at how much more satiated you are than you used to be with carbs.

No Drinking Calories

Perhaps one of the easier substitutions to make… Choose water or sparkling water over sodas, juice, or milk. Add a spritz of lemon or lime to it for flavor. Liquids are easy to consume, so you can end up consuming a large number of calories in drinking before your body realizes it's full.

You're going to wanna avoid the diet sodas too… Those are even worse than the crap with sugar.

Good news! Coffee and tea are still acceptable! Replace sweeteners with stevia, xylitol, or erythritol and creamer with grass-fed butter… or just start making Bulletproof Coffee already.

If you're going out on the town, stick to the hard stuff. Vodka soda is my go to. These alcohols have calories but they don't have sugar or carbs as long as you avoid the mixers aside from soda water.

Note: Tonic water has a high amount of sugar in it. That is something I was shocked to learn. Soda and tonic are very different.

What Do You Eat Then?

Well, that depends on the diet plan you choose. Here are 3 suggestions I have to get you going:

Slow Carb Diet

Popularized by The Four Hour Body, the diet is easy to follow and includes 1 cheat day a week where you can eat whatever you want and are encouraged to do so. Check out the overview here and get the book for all the details.

Alpha Diet

You'll have more freedom in what you eat but you'll have to do more calculations. This diet includes a cheat day too. Also there is a workout regimen included if you really want to get in better shape. Check out Engineering the Alpha 2.0 for that diet's advice. Best for men and really explains how hormones work.

Bulletproof Diet

The diet I'm following now. Seems intimidating. I promise you'll be good with it once you're going and you'll get in great shape. This diet does not have a scheduled cheat day. It's been the easiest for me to follow regardless. Check out what's allowed at this blog post. And get a further understanding by actually reading the whole book here.


That covers my diet recommendations. What did you like and what do you absolutely disagree with? I'd love to find out.

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