Structure of Dating
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Picture Perfect

Be Picture Perfect Part 1 of 3

Confession: I HATE taking photos. For whatever reason I get in my head and overanalyze things… I’m also not a fan of dishing out advice about photos simply because I’m not all that excited about taking them myself. That said, being photogenic is an absolute necessity in the digital age of dating. While I may have […]

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7 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Press “Send”

Usually by the time someone comes to me asking for advice on what that next message should be, it’s too late… They sent a message that was less than ideal and wonder why they aren’t getting a message back or are getting a less-than-ideal reply. I’ve been there… and it’s no fun to have a […]

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The 3 Best Ways To Find A Date

One of the first things I do with a client that I take on is we find out what ways he can meet women that he might want to date. While each person has his own unique set of circumstances, there are really only three ways to find the next girl you want to date. […]

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