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Become More Funny in 5 Minutes or Less

This is the easiest hack I've ever discovered to put people in a good mood and develop a sense of humor that their peers will appreciate. I discovered this hack one day when I was bored and on Instagram. Instagram has a section that recommends accounts you might like, and it had a few recommendations that I thought were funny accounts, so I started following them. Several times a day, I would check my Instagram account and see a few new funny posts and memes and be in a better mood.

What I oddly started noticing when I would be out is that the jokes I was reading and laughing to on Instagram were the same jokes I was hearing people say at the bars, clubs, and just out and about during the day! I started adding more funny accounts until I had about 60 accounts I was following. Each day I would skim over tons of funny images and memes. I would notice that some accounts posted similar or even the same jokes, which started cluing me into which jokes and topics were the current and relevant jokes to say. And I was constantly smiling and laughing while on Instagram.

Adding these accounts to my Instagram has made me funnier and my humor more relevant on dates and when hanging out with friends. Adding these accounts worked the same for my students and friends. Now it's your turn!

I've listed the funniest accounts I'm following on Instagram now and included some bonus accounts you might want to follow for other reasons. Enjoy!

These 46 Instagram Accounts Will Make You More Funny

Seriously, add these. Enjoy them. Notice which types of jokes repeat over and over (Hint: probably means it's funny!)


If following those funny Instagram accounts helped, add these and they'll help in a few other ways.


Add these images and videos of cute puppies and dogs to become more empathetic and increase your work performance as a bonus (Check out that interesting study here)!

Tinder/Dating Insight(ish)

Worthwhile to look at to see what not to do…


I like Uber Facts because it gives some odd yet interesting facts that you can throw into conversation or bring up for discussion.

I also like Slut Whisperer. He is a photographer-turned-personality who gets paid to throw parties around the world and take pics of girls having fun acting slutty. Contrary to what some people think, Slut Whisperer is super respectful of women. He's open-minded and thinks girls who wanna have fun shouldn't be hated on for it. Slut Whisperer is edgy. Lots of fun in my opinion.


Hope you like those! Which account is your favorite? Who else deserves to be on the list?

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