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6 Tinder opens that work 85% of the time

The generic message on Tinder is now a thing of the past. Now, to do well, you need to personalize! That being said, you don't need to personalize all too much…

What matters most is that you point out something that you notice from the girl's profile description and then ask a follow up question so she responds (This follows the Conversation Formula which you can read about here). While I make an effort to personalize each of my messages and make each unique, I eventually found that I didn't have to…

I just needed several messages that would usually get a response so I could proceed through the rest of the conversation. At last, these are my best 6 performing messages and usually 1 of these 6 will fit any given girl's profile that you come across on Tinder.

You'll also note that I use “girl text” here, which is a style of punctuation I learned by messaging over 5,000 girls to get a message styling that seemed to build the most rapport and get highest response rate and agreement to dates.

Great Hair

For girls with dyed hair, an edgy hair cut or just very well maintained hair in 3 or more pics:

Boom! Hair game on point 👌💯 how's your Monday?

The Dog Mom

If she's got a dog in her pic, this is an easy go to…

Aww…  such a handsome puppy… 🐶💯 lol ready for the weekend??

Note: Always call the dog her puppy. Every girl feels like the dog is still a puppy, no matter how old it really is.

New In Town

If the description mentions she's new in town, message her this… Btw, I was shocked this got such a high response rate. I figured every guy would be messaging this to girls who wrote that in their profiles… I was mistaken. This one works great!

Hey! Welcome to the city! How are you enjoying it so far?!

The Selfie Girl

If she has 3 or more selfies (especially mirror selfies), you can send this to poke a bit of fun at her and she'll happily reply back.

Boom! Selfie game on point 👌💯 lol how's your weekend going?

The Yoga Open

If she is in a yoga pose, this is your bread and butter!

Namaste 🙏 you have one handsome puppy… ready for the weekend?

Note: the middle portion (“you have on handsome puppy”) is an opener stack… meaning I throw in 2 observations in a single message. You can do open stacks for any of these messages and get a higher response rate.

So play with those! And let me know how you do in the comments below!

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